October 2019

Expression Through Fashion
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Jake Wright- 

Tangible Ideas for Climate Justice
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The world is feeling the impacts and consequences of climate change with constantly growing and record levels of global emissions. Arctic winter temperatures have risen and the past four years are the hottest years on record. Many are starting to be affected by the influence of climate change on health with current air pollution, heatwaves, and more. 

The Importance of Being Nice
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Gender Expression
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Gender expression has evolved as
society has become more accepting
of people who do not conform to
gender binary norms. 
Decades of Fashion
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Upon seeing my outfit for the day, my mom exclaims how she and her friends wore the very same thing at my age, twenty or thirty years ago.

The State of Music Education in PPS
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Music Education is important. This is a fact that almost everyone can agree on, with multiple studies being done showing the benefits of learning an instrument. Studies show that students who have music education have improved language skills.

Lincoln Students Get Down to Business
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In March, my friend Kai and I launched Spark Teen, a company funding and elevating teen entrepreneurship through venture investments and selling opportunities.

The State of Music Education in PPS
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