Q & A With Nate Bradley, Creator of VIP Studios

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What inspired you to start this company?
I was really intrigued by fashion since I started Freshman year. I always thought that buying simple clothes for hundreds of dollars was ridiculous, such as Supreme, Bape, etc. It made me think of starting my own company so I did it. Started making my own clothes, learning how to sew and make those “simple” clothes by myself, mostly to wear but also to sell.
Who are you selling these clothes to? 
I started off just making the clothes and wearing them myself. People started complimenting them and really liked them so I started selling them to family and friends. 
Describe the process you went through to create this company. 
First I started buying the materials to start sewing. I kept making many designs and articles of clothing and wanted to brand them, so I created a logo and got a registered  trademark for it. Ever since I have been creating more and more designs and labeling them. 
What are some future plans for your company?
A goal of mine is to bring more exposure to my company and find a storefront to sell my designs to people all over.
How did you come up with the name of your company?
I was brainstorming some ideas and asked some people around my school for company name ideas. Everything just sort of clicked, and V.I.P STUDIOS ended up being the name.
What is the favorite product you have designed?
I made this orange box t shirt that fits super well. I sewed the tag on the outside too, rather than the inside. 

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