Judgement Day

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The bell to start third period rung and anxiety was building inside the young english teacher. He pleadingly looked at his students, thinking about how they never behave. He just needed them to be good for one day. A few minutes after class began, the door swung open and the Vice Principal’s dark figure loomed in the doorway. 
Oh man, I can’t have a rowdy class today, not in front of the vice principal, the teacher thought, visibly panicked. I have to say something to bring order. 
He boomed, “All right, class is starting!” but his voice cracked on the last word and the class exploded in a craze. Timmy had just gotten first place in Fortnite, and the class was going nuts.
The vice principal had taken his seat and now looked on the class with apparent displeasure. Shoot, I forgot to tell my wife to pick up the kids today, he thought while maintaining his expression. Ugh, why am I even here? It’s not like I’m gonna fire the guy for anything. He then reached in his bag for his notepad so he could begin writing a letter to the District Superintendent about the stupidity of teacher evaluations. 
The poor english teacher saw him taking these furious notes and got more anxious. Oh my gosh, he is actually going to end my career. He immediately changed the lesson plan so the class could have work time for their essays. The less talking he did, the better off he would be. 
As the class continued, it slowly got better. The students were diligently working on their essays, but the VP kept on writing. Finally the teacher came over and asked the him how the class was going. 
“Man, I can not stand this,” the VP griped. “Wait ‘til the people upstairs get a load of this,” he added, turning back to his writing.
This did not ease the teacher’s anxiety one bit. In his state of panic, he interpreted the VP as saying that he was doing a horrible job and that the upper administration was going to take disciplinary action.
As the vice principal continued his furious scribbling of his letter, the young teacher looked around with darting eyes. He was seriously considering running out of the classroom and never coming back. He could never attend any staff meetings if the vice principal was going to be there too. He was going to be the laughingstock of the school. He needed to buy some time so he could devise a plan and there was only one thing he could think of.
Two days later, the students filed into class but the teacher was nowhere to be found. Class started and the ominous phrase rung throughout the class: “If he doesn’t show up in 15 minutes, we can all leave.” Ten minutes went by and the students grew restless, but then an odd looking man walked through the door. 
“I’m Mr. Jamison and I’ll be your sub today. Your teacher is out… with an emergency.” The students hadn’t caught on yet, but this Jamison guy was actually their teacher... just with glasses and a mustache.