We Are The Normal Ones

Submitted by Tavie Kittredge on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 14:34 - 0 Comments
We are the teens who live in fluorescent textbooks
In the four-year marathon of 4.0s
When every assignment is another chance to lose
Under the panopticon of college admissions 
Where every club, every plastic smile, 
Every choice proves we might be good enough
We are the friends that replace ‘hello’
With ‘I want to kill myself’
Who eat $1.25 chocolate muffins for lunch
Squatted on linoleum stained with coffee
Cramming for another test
And who never have time to hang out
Because volunteering can go on a resume
And friendship can’t
We are the students that schedule panic attacks for the weekend
Who pant trudging up stairs,
Living with sleep deprivation like a weather event
That lasts from September till June
We are the future

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Tavie Kittredge writes poetry, short stories, and of course, news articles (with photography to match!). Outside of the magazine world, she loves competitive debate, backpacking around Oregon with her family, and reading books from random genres. 

Tavie hopes to graduate in 2020.