Mental Health and Adversity Resources

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Need an outlet or a safe space? There are couple lesser-known options that could give you the help you are after.
Gina Batliner
Who she is: The school therapist
What she can help you with: Issues regarding grief, family, mental health, unhealthy eating habits and/or disorders, and more
Where and when to find her: Each Tuesday in the IB Center (Counseling Office)
How to schedule a talk: Talk to your school counselor. They can refer you to Western Psychological & Counseling Services, the organization Batliner works for.
A quick tip from Gina: ¨Get enough sleep and eat right. Students at Lincoln do a lot of negative thinking, and I think being able to do some thought stopping before your mind completely spirals down the ‘rabbit hole’ is key.¨
YOU ME Health (Youth Owning and Understanding Mental and Emotional Health)
What the club does: Creates a safe space through meditation, reflection, community conversations, activities around stress management, and more
When the club meets: During lunch on the last Friday of each month, and occasionally other times as needed for the community.
Where it meets: Room 152 (Dr. Goldhammer Room)
How to join: Pop on into a club meeting, or check out the instagram (username:
Club message: Everything within the club is confidential, and everyone’s experiences and ideas are respected
Hotlines: Reference ‘Pocket Directory’ (copies in Nurse’s office) for more
For legal information:                           Youth Rights & Justice                                 503.232.2540
For alcohol and drug Treatment:          Alcohol & Drug Helpline                              1.800.923.HELP
To talk immediately (crisis):                  Suicide Hotline                                            1.8000.273.TALK
                                                                   Or text “Teen” to:                                    839863
                                                             Sexual Assault Resource Center                 503.640.5311

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