The State of Music Education in PPS

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Written by Elias Roessler
Designed by Margeaux Galant and Elijah Cline
Fall 2019 Beyond the Flock 2
direct response to the budget cuts caused
by Measure No. 5 that cost so many kids
their access to music education. Adam
joined Ethos in 2008 as a part of Ethos’
rural outreach program, providing music
education to rural communities. As such, he
is particularly passionate about Ethos’ rural
and urban outreach programs, describing
their program as a “jumping-off point” for
schools to start their own programs once
Ethos leaves the school. Ethos has done
great work in the 20 years since its founding,
impacting the lives of over 7,000 children
each year through its private lessons, after
school programs, and more. “the work is far
from over” Adam said, “unless we change
the way we fund schools”.
Ethos isn’t the only charity providing
music and arts education to people in
Portland. Other charities like Art 4 Life,
My Voice Music, Muse, and Vibe are also
great organizations that are working hard to
improve arts education for young people. You
can learn more about these organizations
and how you can help to the right.
Organizations To Support
Ethos Music Center
Founded in 1998 due to struggling arts education, Ethos provides both on-site
group lessons as part of their rural and urban outreach program, as well as private
lessons at their main location in North Portland. To donate to them go to https://
Muse was started in 1986, and since then has been dedicated to providing quality
music education to students in Oregon and California. Since Muse’s founding, they
have reached 12500 children and provided 40 schools with music education. To
learn more go to
My Voice Music
My Voice Music is a local Portland initiative founded in 2008 to provide music
outreach to people aged 7-24, teaching them to write, record, and perform original
songs. Reaching about 1500 youth per year through their outreach and partner
locations, youth perform their songs annually in 20 shows across Portland and on
CDs. To learn more go to
Vibe Portland
Vibe is a small charity based in North Portland that provides art and music education
to K-8 schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Vibe works with
local artists and musicians to provide a unique experience for all of its students.
To find out more about Vibe and how to get involved go to

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