The Importance of Being Nice

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Think back into your past, recall a time someone was nice to you. Remember how it made you feel and your reaction. Now look back at times you were nice to another person. How did that make you feel? Think of how they might have reacted and the feeling it gave you. Take a look into your heart and observe the feelings there. Being nice to one another affects both the receiver and the giver. Notice how this kindness leaves a positive impression on people. 
In this cruel world, kindness and compassion are overridden by social media, self-interest, and meaningless interactions. People dream of becoming rich and hold the idea that money is the key to happiness. Though once most get to that point of success, they are left feeling incomplete and long for their old life, having underestimated how forced happiness feels when only prioritizing money. This world needs more people to heal, provide love, demand peace, and restore happiness. 
As a community, we should go out of our way to spread kindness and love to the ones around us. One sentence or word can positively impact someone a lot more than you think. You will obtain a whole lot more from being kind to the people around you then spending money or being negative. At Lincoln, there are a lot of students who don’t have people to talk to or any sort of support system. When you see a classmate or student in the hall by themselves or upset, go out of your way to say “hi”. Asking someone about their day or how they are that day, could save a life in our community. You never know what someone might be going through, so take that as a chance to be kind to EVERYONE around you. 
You hear more about girls supporting girls, but you never really hear about guys supporting guys. The more people that are being nice, the more it will be demonstrated and looked at as normal. Men, and especially boys, sometimes have a hard time being emotionally supportive to their friends as they feel others might perceive them as “soft” or “gay”. This toxic masculinity needs to go! Boys often feel that they need to hide their emotions from their friends and think they have to be okay all the time. It is okay to not be okay!
We need to resolve the negativity in our school. The closer and more supportive we are of each other, the longer the ones who are struggling will stay with us and fight. One compliment is so simple to say, but could immensely impact one for the better (even if it didn’t mean much to you). And to put it more simply, we are all forced to sit in class and interact with others throughout the day, which is not going to change. It will only make it worse if we choose negativity over positivity. Being kind to the people around you will not only make you feel bubbly and happy, but it will also bring people into your life that you didn’t know you needed.
We all have our idea of how we want to be progressive and improve the world. We need to realize that the first step is just being kind to others. This will have a bigger long term effect on people than anything else we can do. Let’s start with how we treat each other at school. Be nice, you never know what someone is going through. 



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