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An Interview
With Marce
You wouldn’t even think twice if
you saw Marce sitting in the corner of
the classroom during an english class,
intensely scribbling things down into
his notebook. Unbeknownst to you,
Marce is doing one of three things.
He would either be writing lyrics
down for him to later look at, writing
a script for a movie he’s making, or
drawing ideas for his clothing brand.
Elijah Cline
How has your history in acting
affected your current work rapping?
Do you think acting has done any
good for what you do now?
Marcelino Hernandez
My relationship between acting and
rapping have been two completely
separate worlds. They’re both intense
mediums of art that require very
different set of skills. But something
that I have noticed is that, in acting
important. So is improvisation in
rapping. When trying to freestyle or
think of rhymes on your feet, can also
be considered improvisation.
What type of music do you like to
What gives you the idea for the
type of song?
The type of music, I like to call car
music. I love creating tracks either
by myself or with NATE08, (local
producer), to create a track that
can be loud in cars. I love listening
to music while I drive, and having
certain songs that represent different
moments of driving and intensifies. It
has been both interesting and exciting
to create.
What was the thought train when
you made toolbox?
When I first made toolbox, I
wanted it to be a song that was catchy
and talked about certain topics that
most hip-hop/rap consumers could
enjoy. Topics such as getting money,
glorifying guns, and “making it”.
These topics don’t necessarily relate to
me, but creating this song with such
lazy writing and seeing how popular
it got was more of a test.
What do you think the future holds
for you?
I don’t know what the future holds,
but I would love to have a collective of
young artists, all coming together and
creating whatever they want. Having
a group of people that can express
themselves, and receive the tools then
need to create great things.



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