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Dumplings. They’re the wontons in your soup and the gyoza you’re served at a Japanese restaurant. The broad definition of a dumpling is simply pieces of dough with any type of filling. Portland has quite a few restaurants with dumplings on the menu, so I set out to conquer as many as I could, while staying close to home and within a reasonable budget.

Fish & Rice - $$

2332 NW Westover Rd

The first dumplings I decided to try were at Fish & Rice, a casual and modern Japanese counter service restaurant right off of 23rd Ave. I’d passed the small, single-location restaurant many times, but this was my first time in. The menu kept mainly to poke bowls and varieties of sushi, but their appetizer menu had a nice selection of other small meals, including the aforementioned dumplings. They were steamed, and could be made either vegetarian- or chicken-based, and came topped with scallions and a garlic, soy, and ginger sauce. Despite being a $7 appetizer, it was quite a large portion. The dumplings were tender and flavorful, with the salty, savory sauce acting as a perfect accompaniment.

Red Robe Tea House & Cafe - $$

310 NW Davis St
Red Robe Tea House in Chinatown was the next restaurant that piqued my interest. It was super convenient to get to, as it’s only a few blocks from the Old Town MAX station. The restaurant was small and sparsely decorated, but it was clean, and the service was fast. Noodle dishes, soups, and hot pot were all offered. The excitement for me was the appetizer menu, as it had lots of small dishes, including dumplings! They came 8 to a plate, for $5. However, I was disappointed by them. The pork and vegetable filling was unflavorful, and the dough was a little mushy for my taste, although the dipping sauce was a nice complement. If you’ve ever had Trader Joe’s frozen pork gyoza potstickers, these were very similar.
Frank’s Noodle House - $
822 NE Broadway St
Frank’s Noodle House boasts two locations, one in Northeast Portland and one in Beaverton. They specialize in Chinese hand-pulled noodles, served with your choice of meat, and offer many other Pan-Asian choices. The dumplings, like the other two restaurants I visited, are located on the appetizer menu. They’re filled with ground pork and chives, and come 10 to a plate for $8. The seasoning and chives complemented the pork wonderfully and made each dumpling burst with flavor. The outside dough was perfectly firm while still being tender. While I prefer my dumplings to be served already drenched in sauce, the dipping sauce that came alongside was wonderfully sweet and salty.

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