Letter from the Editors

A year ago, Lincoln High School’s magazine was an idea, the kind that’s easy to dream up, tough to visualize, and exponentially difficult to execute successfully. It was fun to discuss and imagine the possibilities--we’d feature famous musicians! We’d have a page dedicated to bad advice! We’d use handwriting typefaces for everything!--but actually carrying out the plan? Not so simple. We spent the first quarter honing our skills, covering all facets of magazine production, from writing to designing to photography. Together with our classmates and our teacher, Mrs. Hensley, we built a talented team of designers, writers, and photographers to bring our idea to fruition.
Beyond The Flock is designed as a catalyst for conversation, a dynamic opus produced from the tossup of what-ifs and maybes Lincoln and Portland offer. Accompanying our print editions, we have a website, with daily updates to keep in step with our fast-paced community. This allows students to interact with publication staff--all Lincoln peers--and even contribute material so that we can create a fresh product our peers will gravitate towards. 
For advertisers, Beyond the Flock provides a unique opportunity for local businesses to not only reach a core demographic of potential customers, but also to support your local high school and the hard work of the students in your community. 
Now come join us beyond the flock. 
Rona Wang
Samson Criscuolo