The State of Transgender Healthcare
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Every time I look in the mirror, I see a reflection of who I am, inside and out. The body I was born with matches my identity. I have not had to pay, take hormones, or undergo surgery to be myself. That is not true for everyone. 
Things to do this Quarantine: Entertainment
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Books, Movies, and TV shows galore!


10 Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Friends During Quarantine
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Because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve all had to self-quarantine. Consequently, most of us haven’t seen our friends in weeks. This is especially difficult for teenagers, many who value social interaction over most other things.

The Importance of Being Nice
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Gender Expression
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Gender expression has evolved as
society has become more accepting
of people who do not conform to
gender binary norms. 
NightTime Routine: The Key to a Successful Student
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Experts say that at least half of all American teenagers are sleep deprived. That is half of the classroom not performing at their best. Half of us struggling to stay awake in class. Half of us less happy than we could be if we were able to get ample sleep.
Mental Health and Adversity Resources
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Need an outlet or a safe space? Here are some lesser-known resources that could help.

Rec Sports Sub In
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Why students need an alternative to the stressful life surrounding competetive sports