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Beyond the Flock Apologizes
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Hello Lincoln community, 
The Power of Love
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From Moderate To Antifa
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4 tricks of Advertisement
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TRICKS OF ADVERTISING - What Consumers Don’t Know 
Written & Designed by Ellie Hughes
Redefining Radical: The Youth Liberation Front's Unique Perspective on Anarchism
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Over the past few years, Portland has seen the rise of many so-called “radical” groups, with Rose City ANTIFA, the Proud Boys, and Patriot Prayer, all using Portland as their chosen place to fight over the future of our country’s politics.

Dumplings Of Portland
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Dumplings. They’re the wontons in your soup and the gyoza you’re served at a Japanese restaurant. The broad definition of a dumpling is simply pieces of dough with any type of filling. Portland has quite a few restaurants with dumplings on the menu, so I set out to conquer as many as I could, while staying close to home and within a reasonable budget.

Medusa: She was Punished
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This article contains themes of sexual violence.
National 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
Expression Through Fashion
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Jake Wright- 

Decades of Fashion
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Upon seeing my outfit for the day, my mom exclaims how she and her friends wore the very same thing at my age, twenty or thirty years ago.